Running Performance Workshop

Running Performance Workshop

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SATURDAY January 27, 2018

7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at CHAFFEY COLLEGE

Learn HOW to train right!

Topics include

"Hey Coach, tell me more. What will I learn at your workshop?"
  • Effort Based Training
  • Stride Mechanics & Efficiency
  • Creating Your Own Training Plan
  • Runner Injuries & Prevention
  • Racing from 5k to Marathon

With special presentations by Dr. Rafael Rios #DrFixIt of Pomona Valley Chiropractic Clinic and Nina Narejko of Body Redefined Pilates.

$129 Sale Price through Christmas

$179 per person at the door

From the novice jogger to the seasoned racer, this 6 hour workshop will safely guide you to becoming a better runner. Using simple language you'll learn the "Whyology" of what to do, why to do it and exactly HOW to do it for better results.

You will enjoy comfortable multimedia classroom instruction presented in 45 minute modules with short breaks in between. Refreshments will be provided. This interactive workshop will transition outside at NOON for demonstrations of running drills, stride analysis, and a fun "Team Relay Race" with prizes (participation is optional).

The workshop is limited to the first 20 runners and if you sign-up before January 7 you'll receive a RunnersHigh tech shirt at the door.

Gift this workshop to yourself or your BRFF Best Running Friend Forever...or both! If you both sign up together (same day) you'll each receive a cool gift (Milestone Pod running data device, a $50 value).

There is no better way to spend a Saturday than to work with Coach Jim Partridge, sports chiropractor Dr. Rios DC, and Pilates Instructor Nina Narejko!


  • Coach Jim Partridge shares his running expertise in clear and simple terms with a focus on safely guiding you to your goals. Reach your potential by learning when, why and how to effectively use speed work, easy runs, and long runs in perfect balance.

Learn the principles and "Whyology" of long runs, tempo runs, lactate threshold, easy aerobic runs, race paces, and more to safely create your own TRAINING PLAN.

#DrFixIt - Dr. Rafael Rios D.C.

#DrFixIt - Dr. Rafael Rios D.C.

Dr. Rafael Rios DC specializes in soft tissue treatments, injury prevention and health maintenance. He uses state of the art techniques, tools and advanced protocols in a comprehensive program for athletes. He's a runners secret weapon in staying healthy. Visit for more.

Nina Narejko - Pilates Instructor

Nina Narejko - Pilates Instructor

Nina Narejko is a highly skilled and accomplished Pilates practitioner (and runner) who also specializes in flexibility, mobility and strength with the goal of correcting imbalances and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She guides runners on a path to synergy. Visit for more.

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NOTE: Parking cost $4 on the College Campus