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Get started in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Fill out the "Runner Profile" so your plan can be made to fit your needs. Step 2: Select duration of your training so your plan will guide you to your goal.  Step 3: Read and sign the "Waiver of Liability" so you understand the risks of training. That's it! Let's get started!



Name *
Get fit? Run a 5k or get faster? Run a marathon or more?
Physical limitations, injuries, disabilities
Self-Describe your current fitness. 1) Entry Level (I'm really out of shape but I'm determined to do this) 2) Beginner (I'm active but not currently in shape) 3) Intermediate (I'm really active and occasionally work out) 4) Sportsman (I've been working out fairly regularly) 5) Fitness Fanatic (I love to work out almost every day) 6) Advanced (I work out hard and in very good shape) 7) Competitive (I'm fairly accomplished)
Are you new to running? Did you run in school and are a returning runner? Or have you been running for a while and now you're ready to crush a new goal?
Number of Days you ran, your Total Weekly Mileage over last 6 weeks AND your weekly "Long Run". Example; Week 1: Runs=3, Total=8 miles, Longest Run=3 miles (this week) Week 2: Runs=3, Total=11, Longest Run=4 (last week) Week 3: Runs=0, Total= none, on vacation Week 4: Runs=3, Total=7, Longest Run=3 Week 5: Runs=2, Total=5, Longest Run=3 Week 6: Runs=1, Total=2, Longest Run=2
What make/model is it? (i.e. Garmin 220, Fitbit Surge, Polar A360, Timex?). AND...does it have a heart-rate monitor?
Example: Final Surge, Strava, Nike+, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Pear, Wahoo?
Do you do Yoga, Pilates, gym, crossfit, cycle, swim? Is it casual, recreational or competitive? How often?
1) What days can you run (and not run)? 2) What day can you do "long runs"? 3) What day(s) would you want for "rest days"? Example: Monday: I have 1 hour to run in the evening Tuesday: I do Yoga or Gym Wednesday: I can run 1 hour in morning or evening Thursday: Kids play ball but I could run while they play Friday: I must have this day off Saturday: This would be best for my "LONG RUN DAY". Sunday: I can run before church at 9 am
Roads, trails, track, treadmill?
Vacations? Travel? Moving? When and for how long?
IMPORTANT: List recent best times (when/where/distance/time); EXAMPLE: Dec. 17, 2017 Holiday Half-Marathon 2:35 EXAMPLE: January 2018 ran my best mile at 11:40 EXAMPLE: Summer 2017 ran 5K in 37:10 This info is used to determine training paces & potential.
EXAMPLE: My goal is to finish the Portland Half-Marathon on Oct 5, 2018 under 2:30:00. I also want to do a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and I'm thinking about a 10k on December 8th too." EXAMPLE: "Oct. 7, 2018, Chicago Marathon goal sub 4:45 finish". EXAMPLE: "Qualify for Police Academy in June 2018, 3 miles under 24 minutes (plus sit ups, pull ups, push ups)"
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As you can see, this Runner Profile collects important info so your plan can be made to fit your exact needs. Now go to Step-2 to select training duration.

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Training Start Date
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Training End Date
Select a date when you plan to crush your goal (you can always extend your training later).


 Read the above Waiver of Liability and SIGN BELOW

Read the above Waiver of Liability and SIGN BELOW

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