• Initial Runner Fitness Evaluation & Consultation: Free

Your initial consultation and fitness evaluation (and meet-up run if you're local) is a great way to see if we are a good fit as a coach/client combination. No obligation, we just talk about your running history, training plans and your goals. Then, when you're ready, we can get you going in the right direction.

  • 1-month customized training plan $129

A month-to-month plan allows the most flexibility because your plan will adapt to changes in your lifestyle and fitness.

  • 2-month customized training plan: $229

A two-month plan is great if you're just getting started. Or if you have an event coming up and need to hone in on your goal.

  • 3-month customized training plan: $299

Perfect for the "Get Fit & Stay Fit" approach, especially if you're new to running or returning after a few years away.

  • 4-Month customized training plan: $349

Recommended for going from a "Couch to 5K". Also a good plan for seasoned runners looking to improve their game or heading to a race.

  • 5-Month customized training plan: $379

Train for 5k to Half-Marathon or more. A great 5 phase plan if you're committed to an upcoming race and want to crush your goal.

  • 6-Month customized training plan: $399

Safely take it to the finish line from 5k to a Full Marathon and beyond. This plan allows for a plan to be built upon strategic phases. Your personalized plan will guide you in a "base phase" (if necessary), a "strength phase", followed by a "stamina phase", a "speed phase", and finally a "race phase" that focuses on fine tuning your skills at race paces. Your plan will even include a "recovery phase" to safely guide you back to top form after your race.

Bonus: you can add a Full Analysis & Assessment Package for only $150 more when purchased with any plan above.

  • Build Your Own Plan: $149

Are you an experienced runner who wants more control? Take a hands-on approach to creating and managing your own training. Together, we will collaborate on an effective strategy to safely reach your goals. I will guide you and TEACH you the “Whyology” behind every principle used in developing your training plan. This is a great alternative for the seasoned runner who needs more control of things but still needs a coach to guide the way.

How’s it work? We meet-up in person (or remotely on Skype or Facetime) for about 2 hours to review your running history, short and long term goals, and lifestyle variables. Using the Runner's High System checklist, we sketch out a plan based on microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles (short, intermediate and long term periods), then insert your schedule, preferences, and lifestyle limitations. We build each phase using proven methods for building base, strength, stamina, speed and recovery with emphasis on your needs. In final review we ensure your mileage volume, tempo paces, race paces, long runs, speed work and recovery are in total balance and appropriate for your goals. When we’re done, you’ll have a blueprint for training that makes sense!

This option comes with 6-months access to all the tools on your Runner’s High/Final Surge platform AND full access to your coach to monitor and guide your progress. You simply manage your own plan and get the help when you need it. Remember, you can add a Full Analysis & Assessment Package for only $150 more when purchased with this plan.

All training plans include...

  • Unlimited Coach Access via messaging/text/email
  • A fully customized training plan designed exclusively to fit you and your potential
  • Full access to your online/mobile Runner's High/Final Surge training plan
  • Assistance in race selection, prep and planning to guide you to your goal
  • Stride review of your running form video
  • Summary review of your previous training plans
  • Press "pause" on your plan anytime, resume when you're ready
  • Cancel anytime for any reason and receive unused pro-rated refund
  • Returning clients receive 25% discount 

How do I know if I'm running right?

"Get a professional assessment to be sure"
  • Stop-Motion Video Stride Analysis: $129
  • Runner Strength & Mobility Assessment: $79
  • Maximum Heart Rate Test: $49


Learn the secrets to a better stride...

Watch the 90-Second DEMO video

Other Special Features

  • Partner Plan: Train with a friend and both get 15% off and both get your own plan
  • One-on-One Private Coach "Meet-Up" Training Run: $49 (bring a friend, no extra charge)
  • Runner Fitness Evaluation: $49 This is free on initial meet-up (no obligation either)
  • Race Pacing: $50-$250+ I can be your race-pacer from a 5K to an Ultra-Marathon